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While knocking doors in Lordship this afternoon, I discovered people distributing a letter written by my opponent Kevin Kelly and his running mate Greg Burnes that asked for my position on the expansion of Sikorsky Airport.

I'm happy to clarify:  I am against the expansion of Sikorsky airport. 

As a fellow resident of District 1 in Stratford, and having knocked on hundreds of doors in Lordship to speak with many of its residents face to face, I have heard consistently from them about their concerns with the airport and many other issues. 

If elected, I will work closely with Representative Gresko, who has and will continue to push for what is right for Lordship's future. I will absolutely oppose the expansion of the airport. 

It would be detrimental to the environment and to the community of Lordship.

If my opponent cared about my stance, instead of publishing his unfounded assumption about what I think is important, he could have asked at any point earlier in this race. 

He could also have joined me in a debate — as I requested him to do via email, in person and through several OpEds. 

Instead, he tried to sneak a flyer three days before the election, which I immediately saw because I am out in the district working hard to reach voters directly myself and have been since May.  


My opponent has denied the voters in this district a chance to see both of us express our views in open debate.  However, as a candidate and as your next State Senator, I intend to be hardworking, transparent and responsive to all constituents in the district.

You can find an OpEd about why, based on Kevin's voting record, I am running to replace him here:

If anyone is curious about my priorities on any issues please reach out to

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