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Letter to the Editor: Support Green for State Senate

To the Editor:

Why I am voting for Chris Green for State Senator. As a combat vet who is also a retired state employee, I have seen first hand what happens when government does not work efficiently to achieve goals.

Full disclosure, I am a registered Democrat that has voted across party lines many times in the past, but with the latest political climate, have found it increasingly difficult to vote for Republicans who continue to mislead the public.

This is true in my hometown of Shelton where we have been told that school buses run by city employees would be cost effective and run efficiently when this has been anything but true. I know of students who miss school because their buses don’t come. I also know of students whose special needs are not being met because of budgetary restraints and it appears our government in Shelton is run under a cloak of secrecy and is supported by incumbent Senator Kevin Kelly.

It is time for Shelton to reap the benefits of what Gov. Lamont has done for Connecticut with a balanced budget, a significant investment in paying down state pensions, infrastructure improvements, and continued improvements in education and criminal justice.

As a former juvenile probation officer, there were many decisions that Democrats made that lowered crime, reduced incarcerations and saved tax payers millions. Lamont has continued to support these initiatives and having a State Senator like Chris Green who will support our governor will make our streets safer, improve our school system, get more money from the state funneled to Shelton, while keeping our taxes low with smart investments.

Michael Federici, Shelton

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