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Letter to the Editor: Green for State Senate

On Nov. 8, I will be voting for Christopher Green for State Senate because Chris shares our values of fiscal responsibility and the need to protect our rights and freedoms.

Chris knows the work of Democratic leadership in Hartford has turned our debts into surpluses; from people leaving Connecticut to young families and professionals moving into the state. Under Governor Lamont, the state has paid down significant pension debt and is back to a healthy rainy day fund so we have the wherewithal for any future economic headwinds. The Governor has made extra payments on pensions, saving taxpayers $500 million a year for the next 25 years in interest payments. This year we saw the largest tax cut in state history, with more than $600 million in tax cuts.

As our State Senator, Chris will work with others to support those ongoing efforts. Chris will fight for tax cuts for middle and working class families and small businesses. Where the state does invest, he will support investing in our future — education, job training, and infrastructure. He will work to increase the affordability of healthcare and housing.

The economy is only half the story. Chris will defend the rights of people in Connecticut including the rights of women to make decisions for their own bodies without government control. Chris will support the rights of workers, protect voting rights and the right to marriage equality. Join me in voting for Chris Green for State Senate on Nov. 8.

Jimmy Tickey, Shelton

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