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Letter to the Editor: "Chris Green will fight for what is best for Shelton"

Politics in Shelton have been static for too long. Most of our local offices have been held by individuals for decades. We have a great new option this November: Chris Green for State Senate.

Especially with everything going on at the national level, state and local politics are often overlooked, but state lawmakers have a huge impact on our day-today lives, our kitchen tables, and our wallets. And unlike our representatives in Washington, they represent local areas that should be manageable enough for them to be present and visible in their communities.

Chris is running against State Senator Kevin Kelly, who has been in office for over a decade. Senator Kelly is currently the minority leader of the Senate Republicans. While he’s regularly quoted and interviewed in newspapers and radio across the state, his appearances locally are few and far between, especially outside of election season. His voice has been noticeably absent in pushing for a coherent vision for Shelton on development, bringing in funding or being a strong voice for the people.

I am confident that Chris Green will fight for what is best for Shelton and best for the state- advocating for funding support of local projects and programs, pushing to ensure tax dollars are well-spent, pushing for programs and tax cuts that will help our middle class, small businesses, and our retirees. He has what it takes to tackle the complicated challenges of affordability in healthcare and education. He also is committed to ensuring our veterans, law enforcement and EMS are respected and supported.

As a longtime resident and advocate for Shelton, I have supported candidates on both sides of the aisle. I vote person over party and appreciate that Chris is grounded, pragmatic and willing to listen and learn. He is new to politics, but he is not new to solving problems and working hard. Chris is a Harvard graduate with a strong background in business and education. He is also someone who shows up to Shelton’s clean up community projects ready to get his hands dirty. He’s running because he believes he can help to strengthen Shelton and Connecticut. I believe he can as well.

You can learn more about Chris and his campaign at

David Eldridge, Shelton

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