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Fund our Schools!

I spoke during the public comment section of Stratford's Town Council meeting on April 11th 2022. You can see the video here. Stratford, like many towns, is facing a difficult budget process this year. However one thing is clear to me- we need to fund our schools properly.

Here was my public comment:

My name is Christopher Green. I moved to Stratford in 2018 with my wife and we just had our first child in March. I have been impressed by the potential of this town and the warmth and vibrancy of its community. I hope to be a part of it for many years. The future of our town is its children a

nd their future comes through public education. The board of education worked in a tireless and non-partisan manner to deliver a thoughtful and lean budget based on the core financial needs of our schools and students. The superintendent similarly worked diligently with his staff to ensure the proposed financials were as efficient as possible while providing what was needed for our students.

With this proposed budget, the mayor has taken an axe to those careful plans. Accepting her proposal will mean real and substantial cuts to our school services at a time when students across the country are struggling to bounce back from the stresses of the pandemic and our schools have struggled in particular as we have just been named an Alliance district- one of the 33 lowest performing districts in the state.

The Mayor has proposed funding the town operations with an increase of 4.25% but suggested only a 2.5% increase for the schools. This leaves our schools underfunded both by the careful metrics of the BOE and by her own comparative funding of other functions within the town. Please stand against this proposed budget and ensure our schools are given the resources they need to provide for our students. Our children should be a priority.

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